Icelandic Saddle pad, 100% wool

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Ships February 21, 2023
SKU: NW10-0021

English saddle pad for Icelandic horses, 100% wool

A specially designed and comfortable saddle pad with fantastic properties for you who ride an Icelandic horse or a large horse with a dressage saddle. The design and cut make it extra suitable during the summer. Thanks to the wool's properties, the saddle pad are both heat-regulating and moisture-absorbing, with a really nice feeling against the horse's back during the entire riding session, regardless of the temperature outside. It also keeps the back muscles naturally warm on windy days, and when you walk the horse etc. The feeling and quality attract the eye and make your horse shine a little extra, quite naturally. We've used high-quality European wool fabrics for this saddle pad to give the right feeling for both of you, whether you're out in nature or in the paddock. The strengthening fabric at the saddle girth is sewn to avoid rubbing and irritation. The seat cover is equipped with a D-ring attachment so that it stays firmly in place during the ride.
Through its natural heat-regulating function, the saddle pad can be used in all seasons. Please read more about all the good properties of wool HERE.

Colour: sand beige

Size: Full

Made in Sweden.

Outer fabric: 100% wool (Oeko-Tex 100). The fabric is made in Portugal, origin within the EU.

Inner fabric: 100% wool (Oeko-Tex 100). The fabric is made in Portugal, origin within the EU.

Wadding: 100% wool (from Swedish sheep)

Edge tape: 100% wool

Saddle strap: 100% cotton

Details: Polyester Velcro, leather logo

Thread: Polyester


Daily care: Shake and let hang airy after each use to reduce the need for washing. The wool has self-cleaning properties. Brush with a soft brush over areas with visible dirt or to remove horsehair.

Washing: Hand wash max 30°C, Machine wash in hand wash/wool program max 30°C and max 600 rpm in centrifugation. Stretch and shape the fabric after washing to preserve original shape. Do NOT tumble dry. Can shrink approx. 3-4% in washing.

Ironing: The product can withstand being pressed/ironed and then also gets a nicer surface. DO NOT iron directly on the fabric, but always place a moistened cotton/linen cloth between the product and the iron.

The wool fibers in the padding consist of different types of structure and can creep up through the outer fabric after a while. We have tried to find material choices that reduce the risk, but with natural materials it cannot be completely avoided. However, the function is not affected, only the appearance. Carefully cut away the fibers that stick out and the product will look less "shaggy".

The color can be experienced differently in real life compared to the web depending on the color settings on the computer. Most color variants stand up well in sunlight, but some fading may occur (mainly on darker colours).


The product should primarily be reused or repaired. It is the most climate-smart. Turn it into, for example, leg pads, seat mats, dog blankets, potholders... The product can also be recycled as a woolen textile and recreated into new woolen products because it is free from mixing. The product is biodegradable.