We protect both the horse and nature!

Today, almost everything we use for the horse's daily care is made of oil-based synthetic materials. Not for the sake of the horse, but usually because it is cheap and convenient to produce. Most of the production is centered in Asia to be able to depress prices, and because of that the supply is rectified, the transports are long and the manufacturing process is chemical-heavy. It negatively affects our nature and the people who work with it.

In the film we talk about why we started Natural Winner:

 We create from nature

Natural Winner is a strong value-based company where, as the founder, I want to match nature's raw materials with the horse's needs. It should reduce our environmental impact and at the same time produce the best functions for the horse. For example, wool surpasses in many cases the technological synthetic materials available on the market today. We want to use natural waste material and plants that already in the first step help create biodiversity and lower Co2.

Our sustainability philosophy

By combining old knowledge and well-proven natural materials with today's design, the first collection of Natural Winner's own brand was born. The products are for you who cherish the genuine natural feeling, whether you ride on a soft forest road, along mile-long dirt roads or train in the paddock. The models are aimed at dressage, jumping/all-round and Icelandic horse so that you can find a design that suits your needs. And you, this is just the beginning ...

I hope you will love Natural Winner's products as much as I and my horses do!

/Annika Willen Waltersson (owner and founder of Natural Winner AB)


Ägaren till Natural Winner rider på sin frieserhäst med björkar i bakgrunden

Business Idea:

Design and manufacture riding and horse accessories from natural materials for environmentally friendly and considerate horse ownership = Great for the horse, better for nature!