Caring woolen leg wrap, 6mm

369 kr
SKU: NW40-0009

Caring leg wrap made of 100% wool with lanolin

Felted leg wrap with natural lanolin remaining. Protects, increases blood circulation and softens the skin. This is our fattest wool wrap and it is particularly suitable for horses that have scabies or mange. The lanolin that remains in the wool counteracts dryness. Thanks to the heat regulation, the leg wrap supports good blood circulation, which contributes to healing and well-being. The wool breathes and prevents overheating, it transports moisture away from the skin and creates a healthy climate against the leg. The wool is needle felted and may contain remnants of straw due to the sheep's natural living environment.

Use for stable bandage, night bandage or riding bandage.

The wool curls up from heat and naturally "glues" the joint together. If you have difficulty finding the joint when removing the pad, you can use the label and pull carefully.

Sold in 2-packs.


Small 32 x 40cm

Large 40 x 50cm.

Can be cut to the desired size. The wraps are about 6 mm thick.


100% Swedish wool from native sheep. The wrap is produced and felted in Sweden.


Shake clean and lay airily after use. Should not be washed as the wool tangles and the lanolin disappears.


The product can be handed in for recycling, but can also be advantageously reused for other products, e.g.: needle felting, seat cushion, pot mat, cleaning cloth, insulation... The product is biodegradable.

Packaging made from recycled paper. Recycled as paper.