Leg wrap Wool 8mm, 2-pack

399 kr
SKU: NW40-0003

Stable leg wrap made of 100% wool

Thin felted leg wrap that protects and equalizes pressure from bandages. The wrap forms to the leg and provides warmth at the same time as it breathes and therefore provides maximum comfort for the horse. The felting makes it usefull both as a trailer leg wrap and a stable leg wrap. Thanks to the heat regulation, the leg wrap also supports good blood circulation and contributes to healing and well-being.

The wool is washed and felted and has traces of lanolin in it, which means that it does not dry out the skin and partially retains antibacterial properties. May contain remnants of grass/straw due to the sheep's natural habitat.

The pad shrinks from heat and naturally "glues" the fibrers together, if it is difficult to find the edge when the pad is to be removed, you can use the label to pull gently.

Sold in 2-packs.

SIZE: 40 x 50cm. Can be cut to desired size. 8 mm thick.

Made in Sweden.


100% Gotlandic wool, produced and refined in Sweden.


Sbe cleaned and possibly brushed carefully after use. Avoid washing, but in case of severe dirt, hand wash in cold water with wool detergent, without rubbing or kneading. Shape after washing and let dry lying down.


The product can be handed in for recycling, but can also be advantageously reused for other products, e.g.: seat cushion, pot mat, cleaning cloth, insulation, shoe soles... The product is biodegradable.

Packaging made from recycled paper. Recycled as paper.