Horse leg wrap Small, 2-pack

399 kr
SKU: NW40-0001

Leg wrap for riding or stable use

Padded leg wrap made of 100% wool, with a dirt-repellent wool fabric as outer fabric. The leg wrap breathes and keeps the horse's legs naturally warm during exercise. The leg wraps' ability to both let air through, regulate heat and absorb moisture without feeling wet  creates a pleasant feeling to the horse's legs. Can be combinated with our horse or stable bandages to support the wool's properties to the maximum.

Sold in 2-packs.

SIZE: Small (32x45cm)

COLOR: Black


Outer fabric: 100% wool (Oeko-Tex 100). The fabric is made in Portugal, origin within the EU.

Wadding: 100% wool, produced and processed in Sweden.

Sewing thread: polyester

The product is sewn within the EU (Portugal).


Daily care: Shake off and let hang airy after each use to reduce the need for washing. The wool has self-cleaning properties. Brush with a soft brush over areas with visible dirt or to remove horsehair.

Wool fibers from the lining can over time creep up through the outer fabric and can then be carefully cut away with scissors near the outer fabric. The function is not affected, but is only a matter of appearance.

Washing: Hand wash max 30°C, Machine wash in hand wash/wool program max 30°C and max 600 rpm in centrifugation. Do NOT tumble dry. Stretch and shape the fabric after washing to preserve original shape. Can shrink approx. 3-4% in washing.


The product can be recycled as a wool textile, but can also be advantageously reused as, for example, seat mats, cat blankets...