Cotton Rope Halter

279 kr
SKU: NW50-0003

Classic cotton rope halter

Classic hand-knotted rope halter of the highest quality. The cotton rope lies softly against the horse's head and the knots help you communicate with the horse through pressure. Also perfect for horses that are sensitive to chafing. Use as joint halter, lunging halter or for ground training. Should NOT be used for tying up the horse, or when the horse is out of sight.

Use gives the product a natural patina.

SIZE: Full/ Cob

COLOR: Natural white


8 mm thick cotton rope with core. 100% cotton. Rope and halter made in EU (Czech Republic).


Let dry properly between uses so the ropes last longer (prolonged moisture starts the degradation process). Wash by hand or 30° in a machine. The cotton shrinks slightly in the wash.


In the first instance, try to reuse the product or the rope, nature wins the most. The product is biodegradable.