Woolen Cleaning Glove

99 kr
SKU: NW60-0001

Smooth cleaning glove that effectively collects the finest dust. Use it to give the horse coat that extra shimmery shine, or use it to clean dust of the saddle after riding.

One size.

Unsorted colors. When ordering several items together, we try as much as possible to match the color with the other items.


100% wool, made and produced in Portugal.

Thread: Polyester


Daily care: Shake off and let hang airy after each use to reduce the need for washing. The wool has self-cleaning properties. Brush with a soft brush over areas with visible dirt or to remove horsehair.

Washing: Hand wash max 30°C, Machine wash in hand wash/wool program max 30°C and max 600 rpm in centrifugation. Stretch and shape the fabric after washing to preserve original shape. Can shrink approx. 3-4% in washing.


The product can be recycled as a wool textile. It can also be reused as, for example, a polishing cloth for leather grease/leather oil.