Genuine Lead Rope made of cotton

399 kr
SKU: NW50-0005

Lead rope with a genuine feeling

A robust but soft lead rope made of braided cotton rope with a very genuine feeling. The rope is 16mm thick and has an inner core. The soft weight in the rope provides fine-tuned communication with the horse. The cotton gives you a very good grip but does not burn the palm of your hand in case of sudden jerks or resistance. The lead rope is 2.2m long for extra usability and is fitted with a quick-release panic hook in zinc or brass.

A quality lead rope with long durability and a genuine feel that provides a really good contact between you and the horse when you lead it.

SIZE: 2.2m long. 16mm in diameter.

COLOR: Natural white/ unbleached with brass hook and brown reinforcement, or with zinc hook and black reinforcement



100% cotton. Rope and lead rope are manufactured within the EU (Czech Republic)

Brass or zinc/chrome safety hook

Reinforcing polyester thread.



If stored dry between uses, the ropes will last longer (prolonged moisture starts the biological degradation process).



Repaired or reused primarily for new products. The cotton is biodegradable. Hooks are submitted as scrap metal.