Cedar rings on string

29 kr
SKU: NW80-0001

Hangable cedar rings against pests

Cedar wood helps keep insects such as moths, weevils and silverfish away from your wool products. Our cedar rings are held together by a jute cord that makes it easy to hang from the saddle hanger or on a hook. It is also possible to put the rings next to the product, but you should avoid putting them directly on the fabric as the wood oil can cause discolouration.


When the smell starts to subside, you can file the wooden surface until it starts to smell again. In this way, the product remains active for a long time.


Package contains 2 rings which are tied with a string.

Cedar ring: 100% red cedar (origin China). Cord: 100% jute (origin India). Cotton label. The product is assembled in Sweden.


Both wood, string and label can be broken down by nature. Recycled paper packaging, sorted as paper.