Horse Bandage 100% wool, 2-pack

469 kr
SKU: NW40-0006

Horse bandage made of 100% wool

Horse bandage made of high-quality dull woolen fabric. The fabric is thin but durable, and has a slight natural stretch. The wool keeps moisture out while air and heat can be transported through the fabric unimpeded. Can be combinated with one of our woolen leg wraps to bring out the properties all the way. Wide velcro fastening keeps the bandage in place during the entire riding session.

The horse bandages are sold in 2-packs.

Length: 4m

Width: 10cm


Material fabric: 100% wool (Oeko-Tex 100). The fabric is made in Portugal, origin within the EU.

Material Velcro and sewing thread: Polyester

The bandages are made in Sweden.


Daily care: Shake off and let dry after each use to reduce the need for washing. The wool has self-cleaning properties. Brush with a soft brush over areas with visible dirt or to remove horsehair.

Washing: Hand wash max 30°C, Machine wash in hand wash/wool program max 30°C and max 600 rpm in centrifugation. Fasten Velcro before washing. Must NOT be tumble dried.

Ironing: The product can withstand being pressed/ironed and then also has a less woolly surface. DO NOT iron directly on the fabric, but always place a moistened cotton/linen cloth between the product and the iron.

Linda becomes slightly fluffier on the surface after washing.


The leg wrap can be recycled as a woolen textile (cut the velcro first). They can also be advantageously reused as, for example, cleaning cloths, for textile work... The product is biodegradable.

The packaging is made from recycled paper. Sorted like paper.