Cotton Lunging Rope

499 kr
SKU: NW50-0007

Lead rope/longing rope made of cotton

Soft and flexible lunging rope/lead rope that does not burn your palms in case of resistance or sudden jerks. Made of 100% cotton with just the right weight that provides incredibly nice contact with the horse. Sturdy bull hook for best safety and leather flap at the end of the rope for the right swish sound. A real quality rope of unbleached braided cotton with core.

Use the rope for lunging, ground work or communication training together with a rope halter for a more nuanced communication.

SIZE: 3.7m long. 16mm in diameter.

COLOR: Natural white/unbleached



100% cotton with core. Ropes and lunging ropes are manufactured within the EU (Czech Republic)

Bull hook made of zinc/chrome

Reinforcing polyester thread.



Repaired or reused primarily for new products. The cotton is biodegradable. Hooks are submitted as scrap metal.