Anatomical leather halter made of vegetable tanned leather

799 kr
SKU: NW50-0002

Anatomical leather halter - vegetable tanned

An anatomical and soft halter for the horse with padded neck strap and muzzle. The buckles on both sides of the neck piece, as well as the possibility to adjust the chin strap, provide a very good fit. The leather is high-quality and vegetable tanned to avoid harmful chemicals for both the horse and the environment. Leather is naturally strong and has a long life if you take care of it properly, then it also resists dirt and moisture well. Leather has the ability to age with a patina and can therefore be used with love for many years.

SIZE: Full

COLOR: Brown


Vegetable tanned and oiled leather, origin India.

Metal buckles (brass).

Made in India.


Brush soil, sand and dust from the halter regularly. Use leather soap to clean the leather deeply and, if necessary, lubricate the leather with oil or grease. The leather stays strong and supple with proper care, but becomes brittle when allowed to dry out.

Lubricate the product before first use.


If any part of the halter breaks, we advocate in the first place that you repair it, in this way you extend the lifespan even more. Before disposal, the buckles should be cut off and sorted as scrap metal. The leather is biodegradable.